Building sustainability

Environment and Amenity

The new building will be built to high environmental standards. The building and apartments will include energy and water efficiency features. Solar panels will harvest electricity for onsite use.

As the apartments will have front, rear and side aspects, cross-ventilation will ensure there is less reliance on air-conditioning. Glazing will also help reduce the need for internal cooling during summer.

The project includes significant mature landscaping at street level to contribute to the green, cool and leafy feel of Oxlade Drive.

Community Benefits

Active transport and less reliance on private vehicles

The project offers a range of active and public transport options.
There are many convenient public transport options including the nearby city cat service at Sydney Street and the 195, 196 and 199 bus services.

With paths along the river and Oxlade Drive, walking and cycling is also safe and convenient. Cycling is further encouraged with the inclusion of bicycle bays in the basement.


Our project will not increase on-street parking. All parking will be off-street within the building basement including three (3) visitor bays.

With only 12 large apartments planned, there will be minimal additional street traffic. For example, during peak hour only one car movement every seven (7) minutes is expected.